Stanley Greene, 2004 W. Eugene Smith Fund Grant Recipient

Stanley Greene (1949-2017), an American photographer who resided in Paris, received the W. Eugene Smith Grant in 2004 for his project, “Chalk Lines: A photographic Investigation of the Caucasus.”

Greene’s focus was the profound human catastrophe that played out in the Caucasus region. His plan was to “make a detailed portrait of the region’s principal players: the militaries, militias, rebels, multinationals, workers, children,” and to cover the “principal geographical flashpoints, the Caspian Sea, Armenia, Georgia and Chechnya.”

“Very little in the Caucasus is obvious,” Stanley Greene wrote in his proposal. “There is no free and open press, travel is arduous, foreigners are viewed suspiciously, war lords and cynical ethnic politicians operate terror fiefdoms. To get into some regions, one must pass through the Russian military. Generations of narrow ethnic nationalism have bound an illiterate population to hatred, whose flames are now fanned by global powers. Soaked with hundreds of years of blood, the last 12 years in the Caucasus have been the most vicious. After many years of work in the region, I see this project as an investigative return to the scene of the crime.”