Marwan Bassiouni, 2018 Student Grant Recipient

In New Dutch Views Marwan Bassiouni photographs the Dutch landscape from inside Dutch mosques. In the Netherlands, Muslims are the most targeted minority when it comes to hate crimes. In 2016, more than 150 offenses and acts of violence were committed against Dutch Muslims. In order to respect the wishes of the more cautious mosque representatives, the exact locations of the photographed mosques were therefore kept anonymous and the images were given numbered titles. The project challenges the idea that there is only one Dutch national identity and that Islam is separate from the Netherlands.

“I do not think that I picked this topic but rather that it picked me. I was born in Switzerland from an Egyptian father and an American mother, and at the age of 25 I began to take serious interest in the understanding and daily practice of the Muslim religion. I am trying to make work that can bring people together rather than create a distance.”